Tweetie-Pie Birds (Bars, Badges, & Icons)

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Yay! It’s freebie time again! I have some sickeningly-cute, original Twitter graphics for you, plus a nice bonus: the original PSD files are included! That means you can use these illustrations in your own designs, and can arrange them the way you like, no need to thank me! ;)

You get 4 different styles for the badges, with 4 different colors (16 in all.)

Preview of Tweetie-Pie Birds Badges

There are 16 little banner/bar-style designs too.

I’ve thrown in some PNG icon versions as well in 512×512, 256×256, and 128×128. Nice ‘n’ big! So, go forth and have fun with these graphics. Use them however you wish.

Icon Pack Download: Tweetie-Pie Birds Graphics Pack
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Tweetie-Pie Birds by Omara Kurzdorfer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    eggplanteer says:

    # / Nov 03 @ 6:15 pm These are free? Wow! What a deal for web developers! / Reply

  2. 2

    parsnipper says:

    # / Nov 05 @ 4:44 am Really cute, bright, fun collection. I particularly like the way the 'M' tail fills an otherwise empty space. The 2 colors in the 'follow me' is a nice subtle touch. Well done. / Reply


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